Sunday, October 19, 2014

Empty Nesters—The Replay

If you read my post, Empty Nesters—NOT!, you'll know that we have had a full house for awhile now! However, in preparing for my daughter's jaw surgery, I took time off work so I could babysit my granddaughter, Raine, full time while my daughter recovered. Her and her boyfriend, Steffan, moved back to their own place during this time, because Courtney thought it would be better for Raine not to see her mother all drugged up after surgery, etc.

Courtney came through her surgery with flying colors!

Though she is still quite uncomfortable due to swelling and feeling hungry due to a liquid diet, she has been given the okay to eat what she likes.

In the meantime, Raine and I developed our own routine.

Raine has always been a joy to get up in the morning because she always has a big smile for you! When she first wakes up, she spends time by herself both babbling and practicing new words she has learned. Eventually, she lets you know that she is ready to get up for something to eat!

She has long been off her actual bottle and formula so the first thing she gets in the morning is her large sippy cup full of milk. She sits clutching that container like an adult addicted to his first cup of coffee of the day! Once that's done, she may play for awhile or more recently launch right into oatmeal and yogurt! She has started feeding herself so things can get quite messy!

Here she is handing me her cloth after wiping up her highchair!

Around 11:00 she starts rubbing her eyes so it's time for a nap—usually 2 1/2 to 3 hours. This allows me some time to play in my craft room!

When she gets up again, it's time for some lunch and more play time. She loves playing with our two dogs and she is fascinated with Bailey's "necklace."

Another favorite activity is playing on Courtney's old keyboard. She likes to choose some of the autoplay selections with a catchy beat. She definitely has rhythm!

Missing Raine's #keyboard antics. #loveher #missher #sweetgirl #funny
At our supper time, she may have already had hers but will often sit in her highchair or with her grandpa at the table and try some of what we are having. She really enjoyed salmon and asparagus!

More play time after supper and time spent with Grandpa outside. A bubble bath before her final milk of the day and then off to bed!

She is such a sweet little girl and we are already missing her as she has moved over to her other Grandma's house for a few days stay before returning home to Mommy and Daddy.

The house is awfully quiet again.