Thursday, November 12, 2015

Don't Make THIS Craft Organizing Mistake!

Are you a craft organization junkie? Do you spend a lot of time pinning organization techniques on Pinterest and watching YouTube videos about organizing your supplies?

I think a lot of us crafters are on a never ending quest for the ultimate craft organization Grail. We worship at the feet of the organizing gurus like Jennifer McGuire with the hopes that one day we will reach the Nirvana of craft organization.

Like you, I am constantly in search of a way to "do it better" but I also want to do it inexpensively, or let's be truthful, cheaply.

For a long time now I have lusted after the way the big name crafters use these cute little containers for their often-used embossing powders and glitter instead of keeping them stored in their respective bottles. What could be better than having containers with inch-deep embossing powders and glitter? Being able to lovingly ladle these powders over my inked creations using a tiny spoon always seemed like the ultimate in crafting heaven.

So, I ordered multiple bottles of my favorite embossing powders and went in search of some storage containers. My first and last stop was Dollarama. I picked up several 4.5 x 6.5" containers for about $5.00! Woohoo!

At home in my craft room I poured jar after jar of powder into my new containers and meticulously labelled each one. I stacked them in my embossing drawer, awaiting their virgin voyage.

This method for embossing or glitterizing (is that a word?) worked swimmingly! Now, instead of dumping embossing powder on my cards over a piece of scrap paper, and trying to pour it all back in the little bottle but always having a lot of powder escape, I was able to emboss my card within the bounds of the container and contain the mess! Hallelujah! Life was good until . . .

. . . the other day.

I was going to emboss the card I had made for my aunt's 90th birthday. I got out my container of silver embossing powder and was taking off the lid when it happened.

The bottom of the container came away in my hand and at least half of the powder fell out!


So, a lot of clean up and a few choice words later, lesson learned. Off I drove to Walmart and purchased some heavy duty containers to stow my stash of embossing powders and glitters.

So, take it from me . . . if you want to try this wonderful method of powder storage . . . spend a little money and purchase your containers at somewhere other than the dollar store!

You can thank me later!