Sunday, August 10, 2014

Empty Nesters—NOT!

So I feel terrible that it's been a few days without a blog post from me! This happened for a couple of reasons.

First, I had been hoping to do a blog post about a card I was making for a co-worker at Walmart. In the little time I had, I actually created two different cards but hated both of them!

Secondly, my daughter Courtney, her boyfriend, Steffan, and their daughter, Raine, have moved in with us for awhile (the definition of awhile is yet to be determined!) because they are finding it difficult now that Courtney's unemployment cheques have run out. They did not want to take a handout so they moved home with the expectation to help around the house with completing the rec room, etc. Courtney is also hoping to get on nights at Walmart to bring in some needed cash.

This weekend, we had already planned to babysit Raine, so Courtney & Steffan could have a fun weekend at the cabin in Lee River. However, with me working all weekend, it's just been Bob, Raine, and the dogs! When I arrive home from work, it's all Raine until we pack her off to bed—not much time for anything else after that.

I'm hopeful, that next week things will settle into a routine so I can get back to both card making and blogging!